Keeping Albuquerque ADA Accessible

Signed into law in 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was designed to provide people with disabilities with legal access to the same opportunities as the rest of the public. This included employment, participation in government proceedings and access to places of business. As an employer or owner of any facility, you’re required to meet government standards and provide access to your building.

Security Hardware Solutions, LLC can help you with ADA door openers that won’t compromise your building’s security.

What Does Being ADA Compliant Mean?

The U.S. government provides a set of federal standards that public facilities—businesses, government buildings and non-profit locations—must adhere to in order to be ADA compliant. One of those regulations refers to physical access to the buildings. Wheelchair ramps, the width of hallways and doorways and doors that can be opened without reaching a doorknob are all aspects of that regulation.

This means that buildings need to be up to code in allowing door handles to be operable with a closed fist and require less than 5lbs of pressure to open them. For some facilities, becoming compliant means installing an automatic or power-assisted door opener.

Call in Expert Help for Your Facility

It’s necessary to be up to federal code, and you want to ensure quality installation for your modifications or new construction. Security Hardware Solutions, LLC has been providing Albuquerque with quality products and services since 2007, including helping owners bring their facilities up to ADA standards with automatic door openers.

Knowing security means knowing how building access works, and we can provide you with a free on-site evaluation to show you what entrances require ADA operators, how to secure those against intrusion and help you secure your building’s other entrances. Contact us today and speak to experienced staff who knows how to answer your questions and get you the quality service you deserve.

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