Electronic Door Locks Available for Albuquerque

With technology upgrading constantly, security has to keep pace. One of the features rising in popularity is the electronic door lock. Using numerical codes or passwords, security tokens like access cards or even fingerprint scanning, electric door locks are a new step for greater security. Keeping up with demand, Security Hardware Solutions, LLC has the hardware and knowledge available to provide your facility with the newest technology in security.

How Do Electronic Door Locks Work?

Standard locks utilize a cylinder and tumbler system that uses the irregular patterns on keys to rearrange the tumblers. When arranged in just the right pattern, a space is created between the tumblers and cylinder that lets the lock turn. These are locks that everyone knows can be picked. This is why electric door locks are a new grade in security hardware.

Some electric locks still utilize a cylinder, but it can’t be picked as standard locks can. Actuators connect the cylinder to a small motor embedded in the door or frame; only a correctly triggered electrical impulse will cause the motor to retract the cylinder and unlock the door.

Electronic locks have an added measure of security. If physical keys are lost, copies may be made and the corresponding locks have to be rekeyed for safety. Should an access card be locked, that card can be invalidated by the system and rendered useless. Numeric codes can be changed, and employees can be removed from the access system if no longer employed at your facility.

Finding the Right Lock for the Right Job

Electronic door locks may not be the right solution for every facility, but they might be just what your property needs. Security Hardware Solutions, LLC understands that the lock needs to fit the user. This is why we provide free on-site evaluations and personalized service. Your facility is unique; your security system should also be.

Take your security seriously and contact us today to discuss the merits of electronic locks, your needs and the services you want.

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