Access Control for Albuquerque

Your facility is an investment you need protected from possible invaders, and controlling who has access to the property is one of the first ways you do that. Locks, secure doors and access control systems allow you to control who can and can’t enter and move around your facility. With access control, you can create levels of security and allow customers to enter public areas while keeping private sections secure.

Security Hardware Solutions, LLC has access control options available for you, and we can customize a security system that will let you decide who can enter your facility, when and from where.

Using Access Control

Physical access control systems usually involve electronic door locks that employees or authorized personnel can unlock with a numeric code, access card or even fingerprint identification. These control systems can be modified to allow certain people into particular areas, others into all areas and the public into only a single portion of your property. Standard locks don’t have this flexibility of control; doors are either locked or unlocked, and you need a physical key to get through a locked door.

Access control and electronic door locks can even be controlled remotely, permitting someone to have temporary permission to enter a restricted area. You don’t have to hand out keys that could be lost or copied. Even access cards can be deleted from the system, and it’s easier to reprogram a keypad than it is to have a door lock rekeyed physically.

With the current level of technology available for security systems, access control is easier than ever. Tying security cameras to entrances can allow your system to record who utilizes what door, what numeric code and when. There’s no more wondering who used the key to get into the store room; now you can have even individualized codes that will identify who is accessing what areas.

It’s About Giving You Control

Electronic door locks, door installation, security systems and creating automated systems takes time and effort. The payoff for your investment is the control put wholly into your hands. Access control to your facility becomes something you can decide and change when you feel it’s needed without having to wait for weeks on new doors, new locks or new systems.

Security Hardware Solutions, LLC has been providing Albuquerque with access control and security solutions since 2007. We understand how important security is for you. As owner advocates, we’re prepared to help you pick the unique security system and access control that will give you full satisfaction and peace of mind. Contact us today and schedule your free on-site evaluation!

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