Key Control for Albuquerque’s Facilities

Access to a public facility is tricky. Customers and employees need to get in and criminals need to stay out. Balancing access and security to your building isn’t impossible; you can have the available access you need without giving would-be criminals an invitation to violate your property. With key control systems from Security Hardware Solutions, LLC, you can create secure access for your employees and the public while maintaining a safe environment for yourself and your investment.

What Does Key Control Involve?

Many businesses and large facilities require master keys—keys that will open any door on the property—for managers, owners and maintenance staff to gain necessary access. The problem with this is that one key provides access to an entire facility; those keys need to be handled carefully. And what if one of them goes missing? Replacing every lock in the facility is a costly, time-consuming process.

Key control not only utilizes careful handling of the available master keys, but also involves creating and organizing keys for degrees of access. Compiling and designing a plan for control of the master keys, distribution of other keys and a method of tracking who has what key at any given time. This also means having plans in place for rekeying services if necessary.

How Can We Help?

Not only can we at Security Hardware Solutions, LLC help you with installing the appropriate locks and maintaining your doors; we can also work with you to compile an overall plan for your key systems. No two businesses work in the exact same way, so we customize our service to match your needs.

Door installation, repair, lock installation and other security services are all available with the same level of custom attention and quality service. Contact us today and schedule your free on-site evaluation to get your facility’s security up to your standards.

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