Fire Door Inspections in Albuquerque

A fire door is one of the most important aspects of passive fire protection. Having an inspected, functional fire door is just as necessary as fire extinguishers and a sprinkler system for the safety of any location. Security Hardware Solutions, LLC knows that the safety of your building goes beyond door locks. As an FDAI (Fire Door Authorized Inspector), we know how fire doors should work and what to do when they don’t.

What is a Fire Door and Why Inspect It?

Not all security doors are fire doors. Fire doors are constructed of fire-resistant materials like steel or aluminum, and both the door’s frame and the door itself (called a door leaf) must meet certain guidelines to be considered a fire door.

There are federal and state codes that each fire door has to meet, and specific approved methods of keeping labeled fire doors open for access. If a fire door is held open improperly or not inspected, it could fail at critical moments. Regular fire door inspection not only ensures that your fire doors are being held open with approved methods but that they don’t fail.

With our fire door inspection services, SHS ensures that your fire doors are fully functional and up to code. If you need a door replaced, repaired or installed, we can provide that service. With our FDAI credentials, we can help you ensure the safety of your property against criminal intrusion and fire.

The Highest Quality in Products and Services

Since 2007, Security Hardware Solutions, LLC has been providing New Mexico with personal, attentive service and individual solutions to security problems. No two sites have the same needs; this is why we offer free on-site evaluations to work with you in creating the ideal security system. Whether you need regular fire door inspections, door lock installations or an entire system designed just for your building, you can expect focused, experienced customer service.

Don’t leave the safety of your facility, your staff or yourself to chance; contact us today and schedule your fire door inspections.

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