Exit Devices in Albuquerque’s Buildings

Crash bars, panic doors and push bars are all different names for the same type of exit device. These aren’t just convenient for the public but also required for commercial emergency exits. Multi-purpose and easy to use, they’re also surprisingly secure. The easy access they provide is only one-directional; doors utilizing exit devices lock from the outside to prevent unauthorized usage.

Security Hardware Solutions, LLC not only provide quality installation of exit devices but can help you determine what doors will require them and how to utilize them for your facility’s benefit.

Exit Devices in Public

Many exit devices are visible in locations like hospitals, movie theatres, schools and public government buildings. Requiring little pressure and no direct hand contact to operate, they’re perfect for areas where you need an easy flow of people without compromising security. Selecting the proper exit device requires looking at a number of factors like the door’s listing and label, the traffic control required and the average traffic flow through the doorway, any electronic interface and accessibility by authorized personnel.

Being safe, up to code and considering your business’s traffic flow requires professional help to accomplish successfully. Security Hardware Solutions, LLC not only has the expertise to install your doors, locks and exit devices, but to help you analyze your facility and form a security plan to keep your property safe.

Get Quality Products and Service

The security of your building is as important as it being up to code and safe for the public and your staff. Don’t settle when you can have quality service that offers security expertise and focuses on providing full customer satisfaction. Security Hardware Solutions, LLC has been helping Albuquerque stay safe, secure and legal since 2007. We know the hardware, we know the codes and we know the business.

Opt to invest in your facility’s security and contact us for a free on-site evaluation; we’ll be ready to help you create and execute a security plan that will give your property the security you deserve.

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