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Doors are the first line of defense in the security of your facility. They need to open and close easily, remain locked when needed and not be easily taken off of their hinges or jimmied open. Professional door installation ensures that your doors function as needed, when needed, without any undue trouble. Security Hardware Solutions, LLC provides quality service from beginning to end, whether you need new installation, replacements or repair.

What Does Door Installation Mean?

It’s not just holding the door up and screwing on the hinges. Hanging a door—or installing sliding doors—involves gauging the fit in the door frame, ensuring proper range of motion, checking the door frame and using the right hardware. If the installation isn’t done properly, the door can jam, stick or not lock securely.

A door that doesn’t work is misleading; it creates a false sense of security when the door closes, but the lock doesn’t fully engage. Don’t risk a criminal discovering the door’s weaknesses before you do. Prevent break-ins before they occur by investing in professional door installation. This ensures your door is examined for construction flaws, placed and installed properly and checked for any issues with security.

While your doors are being installed, Security Hardware Solutions, LLC can address other issues like your access control or exit devices.

Years of Experience Available for You

We’ve served the Albuquerque area since 2007, providing security consultations, installations, repairs and replacements for customers who need their facilities to be safe. Security Hardware Solutions, LLC is dedicated to providing full quality service to customers, from assessment to installation to maintenance.

Invest in quality from the start and contact us today for your free on-site evaluation. Put your security in the hands of professionals and reap the benefits of safety and peace of mind.

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