Check Your Hinges, Albuquerque!

A door has very few moving parts, and one of the most important is also one of the least considered in terms of security. Hinges are usually hidden by the door itself when the door’s shut, so is there anything to worry about?

What about the stability of the hinges? How easy are they to remove or break? How will they stand up to repeated, long-term usage? Security Hardware Solutions, LLC knows that hinges are a key part of a door’s operation and also as important to good security as a sturdy lock.

The Door Hinge

A standard hinge consists of three basic pieces—a pin and two leaves of metal that attach to the door frame and the door itself. The pin slots through corresponding loops in the leaves and allows a range of motion to open and close the door. On average, door hinges are exceptionally strong, but the basic construction makes it easy for would-be criminals to pop the pin and take the door down.

This is why security hinges have additional features that make them difficult to manipulate. Continuous hinges stretch the entire length of the door. Security studs fit into the opposing leaf and lock together. Non-removable pins are fitted to remain locked into place. These features are simple but effective; the harder a door is to get through, the less likely it is that a criminal will continue attempting.

Every Detail Counts!

If you’ve invested in a good lock, carry that further and invest in quality throughout your door system. A professionally installed door, tamper-proof door hinges and controlled access will provide your facility with a new level of passive security. Combined with measures like a video security feed and door closers, you can ensure the safety of your facility, staff and your peace of mind.

Security Hardware Solutions, LLC has been helping Albuquerque find new ways to improve security since 2007. As owner’s advocates, we’re dedicated to offering the highest quality in products and services, as well as giving our clients the expert advice they need to choose the best for their facility. Contact us today and get a free on-site evaluation to determine where your security can be improved, from hinges to doors and more.

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