Keeping Albuquerque’s Door Frames Intact

A good lock is just part of what keeps a door secure; the door’s construction and the quality of its frame does the rest. If a lock is set into a weak door frame, then a good kick can make the lock completely useless. People think about replacing and upgrading their locks, but how often does anyone mention upgrading door frames? Security Hardware Solutions, LLC takes every aspect of your security into account, including your door frames.

Door Frames Are More Important Than You Realize

Over 70% of break-ins occur through a door, not a window. Investing in a quality lock or a security door will only help prevent criminal activity if the door frame is resistant to tampering. Most strike plates—the metal plate fixed to the door jamb with the hole for the doorknob’s tongue and the lock’s bolt—are only slim pieces of metal attached by ½ inch screws.

If a standard door frame is subjected to a break-in, the structural damage usually pulls wood out of the wall and damages the door itself. Merely reattaching a strike plate to the wall won’t protect you or your facility; you need professional door frame repair and reinforcement. A broken door frame needs to be correctly repaired in order to stand up to any further damage. Even professionally installed locks can’t keep a door secure if the frame is in poor condition; invest in your door frames and have them repaired or replaced to create true security.

We Take Your Security Seriously

From door frames to locks to the installation, Security Hardware Solutions, LLC addresses every aspect of entry security for your facility. We’ve served the Albuquerque area since 2007 and we understand the structure of doors and how they function to keep your facility safe. Owner’s advocates, SHS is dedicated to ensuring every job is done fully to your satisfaction. It’s your property and peace of mind at stake; you should have confidence in the security you invest in.

Let experts provide you with the best security assessment and servicing available in the area; contact us today and schedule your free on-site consultation.

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