Automatic Door Closers Available in Albuquerque

As important as doors are to a building’s security, door closers are vital to keeping the flow of traffic controlled. People carrying packages, moving in a hurry or navigating unfamiliar areas may not take a moment to close the door behind them; automatic door closers handle this to keep areas secure. Without professional installation, these can jam, freeze or malfunction and leave doors wide open when they’re thought to be secure for the night.

Security Hardware Solutions, LLC provides advice, installation, repair and maintenance of door closers—automated and mechanical—with expert hands and knowledge.

Door Closers are Multi-Purpose

When a door is open, not only can people come and go without being noted, but insects, animals and even the weather can come into a building. Energy bills rise when climate-controlled buildings are struggling against opened doors that let all the cool air out. Not only does keeping your doors closed help with security, it helps with energy efficiency.

There are two categories of door closers: mechanical and automatic. A mechanical door closer works by using the momentum of the door itself to compress a spring and fill an air cylinder. Opening the door fills the cylinder by compressing the spring and pulling a piston back, allowing air into the mechanism. An air vent lets the air out as the spring returns to its normal position, closing the door slowly.

Automatic door closers are more often referred to as openers; they typically use push buttons or motion detectors to activate a similar mechanism. Although they utilize electricity, the amount is small.

Installation, Maintenance and Repair

With the security and efficiency benefits of door closers, they’re a sound investment for any facility. Increase the value of that investment by calling on Security Hardware Solutions, LLC to provide quality hardware and installation. We’ve helped Albuquerque improve security since 2007 and our focus is on providing the highest quality of products and service to our customers. Continuous satisfaction is what our job is built around.

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