Keeping Albuquerque’s Doors Locked

We use doors every day and rarely think of them as part of a security system. However, a solid, functional door is the first defense against invaders. Keeping a door locked isn’t much good if the door itself is easily taken off of its hinges or broken in. Security Hardware Solutions, LLC offers expert installation, repair and care of your doors to keep your facility secure.

A Door Is More than Just a Lock

Everyone thinks about locking a door when they consider how it contributes to security, but rarely does anyone think about the door itself. The most advanced lock on the market won’t do much good if the door its holding shut is easily broken down. A door with weak hinges, one that’s improperly hung or has a malfunctioning closer can be an open invitation to criminals.

Doors should be properly hung with secure hinges and tested for resilience and functionality. If a lock can’t be easily picked and the door itself is solid and properly fitted into the frame, your chances of avoiding a break-in have increased drastically. Professional door installation ensures your doors are all hung properly and fit snugly into the door frames.

Hinges are a target for criminals and need reinforcement in order to be resistant. Automatic door closers can malfunction and keep a door accessible when it’s supposed to be securely locked. This is why Security Hardware Solutions, LLC is aware of how important functional, secure doors are to the safety of your facility.

Keep Your Doors Locked, Closed and Secure

A properly installed and maintained door will keep your facility safe and would-be criminals out. This means hinges put into place with screws longer than the usual ½ inch, door closers that release when they’re supposed to and doors that are fully repaired and break-in resistant. Security Hardware Solutions, LLC offers a full range of door services.

We’ve been helping Albuquerque keep their doors in fully functional condition since 2007, and as owner’s advocates, we’re dedicated to helping you keep your facilities secure. With access control systems, professional lock hardware and our expert installation, you will have the security you deserve and the protection your investments need. Contact us today for your free on-site installation.

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